Where to find vintage Dior bags in London/Paris?


Mar 3, 2009
Hi ladies! I'm visiting London and Paris in end May, and I'm really excited about finding some vintage Dior gems as they're really hard to find where I'm from (Singapore) and haven't had much luck online too. Do you know of any specific shops in London and Paris that may stock them?

Specifically I'm looking for monogrammed clutches/bags of the style below. Does anyone know what year it's from and what's it called? And what colours it comes in? Roughly what sort of price? Sorry for asking so many questions, would appreciate if anyone has any info. Thanks! :biggrin:


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Oct 2, 2008
Well, if you are looking for vintage or at least past seasons in great condition.
Paris is well known for having Designer Depots, sort of like a consignment store but really nice, actually some people recommend getting dressed up to shop in this places, jeans is not going to do it. This stores are owned by women with lots of fashion knowledge.
Here is a couple of places you may want to try, both have carry Dior.
-Griff-Troc, located in the 17th District at 119 Boulevard Malesherbes
and -Priscilla, in the 14th District at 4 Rue Mouton Duvernet.

Hope this helps.
Have a wonderful time in Paris !!!


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May 19, 2008
I don't know the one you show on the picture, but I can give you some adress in Paris

"malicieusement votre" in 15ème district is a nice small shop with a lot of vintage or last seasons bags, purses or clothes from dior, vuitton, chanel, hermes in very good condition. The woman is very friendly.
66, rue de javel metro station charles michel

"réciproque" rue de la pompe is a big one in 16ème district metro station rue de la pompe

hope you will find what you want