Where to find Supergas in the States?

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  1. Anyone know where to find or who will ship Supergas to the States? Nordstrom used to carry them years ago and I go through their white sneakers/tennis shoes like crazy. My current pair I snatched up in Venice (yeah!) about 5 years ago and they are a little worn out now. Any ideas or something really similar to recommend?
  2. thank you SO much, Manolo and Passerby!! You guys rock. I didn't think anyone knew what these amazing shoes were! ("The Keds of Italy") as someone once told me :biggrin:
  3. They were really popular here a while back, and they're still big here for little kids. Good luck!
  4. Uh oh...I thought these were pretty timeless? Is there a different brand you recommend? No one else around here (Seattle area) that I know has them, so I've always prided myself on being really unique wearing this brand. But if they are only popular with little kids, hmmm, any recommendations to switch to? :wlae:
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