Where to find Pink Cambon Bowler?

  1. Anyone know where I can find a pink cambon bowler? Thanks!
  2. they were discontinued a year ago and put on major sale.
    Maybe Canada{?}
  3. where are you located?

    If you're in the US, you're pretty much out of luck if you were hoping to get it from an authorized retailer. However if you're out of the US, there's still a chance. I was told that Canada did not discount the pink/black and beige/black
  4. pink is all sold out in canada too.......I got one last summer and it was the last one....But, I'm thinking to sell my pink cambon ......cuz I have only use it once..I want to exchange for the new cotton club bowler.....What should I do?? Should I keep the pink one just for collection? Or..should I sell it?
  5. Did you get the last pink in CAnada? :wtf: What style is it? If it's a bowler, how much did you pay for it? Keep the pink as it's limited edition. :smile: Why did you only use it once? Is it too pink for you? or just the style doesn't fit you well? I would die for a pink cambon item. :yes: If I were you, I will keep it!

  6. the one I got is pink cambon bowler...Umm...I forget how much I paid I think its about $1800CAD ...I only use it once because I had too many bags that I rotate to use...And, I think pink is the color I would use for summer ...And, some how I totally forget I had a pink cambon...And, since I have wrap my handle with tissue paper ....I'm too lazy to take it off and put it back after uses....oh well ...I guess I will just keep it as a collection.....or maybe oneday I would sell it off.......:p