Where to Buy Valentino

  1. There's nothing wrong with buying Valentino on eBay. You just have to have it authenticated first if you are not sure if it's real or not. There have been some GREAT deals made on eBay for Valentino bags in this forum!
  2. Totally agree with LabelLover: I have bought lots of authentic Valentinos on ebay after careful research. But you do have to be careful. Use our authentication thread for help. :cool:
  3. Ladies I just worked with an AWESOME guy at the GA Valentino location. If you need an SA, he's your man! Incredibly responsive and very polite and well mannered.

    Calvin Fong
    Boutique Manager
    Valentino USA
    Phipps Plaza
    3500 Peachtree Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30326
    t 404.846.6565
    f 404.846.6510
  4. Hello- can you help me about the site of yoogis closet. are the valentinos bag there are authentic? I know they are second hand, but ist worth to buy a bag that is second hand?

  5. Yes. Yogis is authentic. You can do a search for more info.
  6. Bicester Village (UK) had a Valentino store with large discounts but sadly I can't recall the specifics (sorry).
  7. Hi ladies, I bought my Valentino bag years ago and only worn once. What's a fair priced to sell?
  8. What type is it? Usually if you check ebay you will see the common models (like Histoire) listed multiple times and can get an idea of price range.;)
  9. The best shopping experience I've had for Valentino (variety, helpfulness, general good vibes) in the US:

    The Forum Shops - Caesars Palace Las Vegas
    Bergdorf Goodman 5th Avenue at 58th Street; New York, NY 10019
    Nordstorm.com (best return policy in the world)
  10. I have bought from all of those places and I agree:biggrin:
  11. And the Valentino Boutique on Rue St. Honore in Paris....best customer experience!!! Not to mention free espressos
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  13. Oops sorry for the blank post. Meant to say: Sweet! Now there is another reason to visit Paris! Thanks for the update.

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  14. Hahha there is ALWAYS a reason to visit Paris ;)
  15. I apologize, it's actually Rue Montaigne, several doors down from the Chanel boutique :biggrin: