Where to Buy Valentino

  1. Hello!

    I am just trying to hunt down a specific Valentino bag and was wondering where can I find this designer online??

  2. Try Saks or Neimans on-line. Both stores have a nice selection. Hopefully they'll have the one you're looking for.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy Valentino handsbags online the ships to Europe?
  4. The Valentino boutique still carries this bag, and while I'm willing to pay the (gulp) $1,695 price tag for it, I don't like the store's return policy. If the bag doesn't work for me, I only have 14 days to return it for store credit! I am in love with this bag and odds are I will keep it, but I would like to have the option to return it--just in case. I have tried Nordstrom, Neiman-Marcus, and Saks, and it is sold out at each store. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  5. I suppose you could try Bloomingdales... I don't know if they carry it, but it is worth a shot. Also try Barney's? Also Bergdorf Goodman.

    If not, I would just buy from the boutique. I personally prefer the boutique b/c of the strict return policy! I know that I'm not going to get a used bag that someone has carried for 3 months before deciding they don't want it. Anyway, I think 14 days is pretty ample to know whether or not you're going to love it.

    Good luck. I hope you find it.
  6. I just tried Barney's (no luck) and will give Bloomingdale's a shot. Good point on the benefit of a strict return policy. I hadn't considered that.
  7. Oh wow... I love this bag but can't justify paying the price just yet! Good luck in your search! I saw it IRL and it is gorgeous! ;)
  8. Just wanted to say I love that bag. Hope you get it.
  9. Saw this online at Bergdorf Goodman in Red Patent.
  10. This bag is my Holy Grail! :heart:33 Jealous and hope you get it soon!
  11. good luck on this one. last store i knew that had it was the Valentino Shop in Hischleifers in Manhassset NY.

    That was a while ago though.

    good luck
    she's a beauty.
    i think this style of bag will be a classic.
  12. I got the red, Valentino Histoire at Saks in Manhattan, thanks to the most tenacious sales associate with whom I have ever worked. His name is Timothy Moreland.

    I explained to Timothy that I desperately wanted the red Valentino Histoire in calfskin, but was unwilling to buy it at the Valentino boutique due to its restrictive return policy. Though it took a couple of weeks, he contacted his buyers at Valentino to place a special order for me, and did so with minimal follow-up from me.

    My bag arrived yesterday and it has exceeded my expectations. It is chic and comfortable. Not only does Saks have a more liberal return policy (as if I'd ever consider giving it up), but the price was $1,595 ($100 less than the boutique), I did not get charged sales tax and I only paid $13.00 for shipping.

    If anyone wants this bag, you must contact Timothy at (212) 940-2225. Many sales associates at high-end department stores preach customer service, but at the end of the day, they really don’t do much beyond finding merchandise from another location, which is nice, but not exceptional. Timothy, on the other hand, really impressed me and I am very hard to please. Timothy has been mentioned previously on TPF in the Jimmy Choo forum, so he is earning quite the stellar reputation--with good reason.
  13. I took down his contact info. Maybe Timothy can work his magic for me. :smile:
  14. There are weird cheap valentino purses and I mean REALLY cheap ones ($30-$50) flying around filennes basement NOT on sale.

    Additionally, valentino stuff seems to be a bit too cheap these days, I saw one of their polos for only $30? Is the brand going downhill?
  15. I'm pretty sure I've seen a low end Valentino line at TJMaxx before - I can't remember the name of it tho. Maybe this is what you saw?