Where to buy damaged designer bags?


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Aug 2, 2020
So I'm new to this forum. Since you guys have lots of knowledge on bags I was hoping you could help me. I'm currently in training to become a handbag restaurateur and am looking for very damaged, poor condition bags for a reasonable price, but I unfortunately can't find anything, the worst condition I manage to find are bags with scuffed corners.

I would be very thankful if any of you know and would share if you know of any sites that sell damaged designer bags.

P.S. I regularly look on eBay and Vestiaire Collective.
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May 23, 2015
Fleamarkets? Not designer, but for practicing, does it matter?
But what about to lend the damaging a hand?


Jan 22, 2014
@Flowbag9 , a little bit late, but seconding the Fashionphile outlet rec. FP will let you sort by Fair and Flawed, and the latter usually has some pretty significant damage (at least, the general sort of damage you might find as a future restorer: broken straps, corner holes, deep scratches, denim stains, etc).

As a buyer, my experience with RealReal is that their "Good" condition is frustratingly inaccurate, since most of them are definitely not in any sort of "Good" condition. Their pics are definitely touched-up, so you might actually find some more flaws than are seen in the pics (disclaimer, YMMV, definitely some people have had good luck from RealReal, but given the number of times I've found inaccuracies in the postings and their handbags' final-sale policy, I rarely shop with them anymore). It's also not currently possible to filter by the Good condition, so this might take more time to sort through than FP above

Another option is the Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade (BST), which might help narrow down to specific brands (if you're looking for items in the premier/luxury category, although there's no guarantee your specific brand might have a BST presence), and Poshmark might also have some pre-loved/used bags in various conditions (although they tend more towards the mid-range brands).

Good luck with the restorations! As a purselover, I'm very grateful for the work restorers do!