Where to buy Chopard Happy Diamonds online?

  1. Does anyone know of an online store that sells authentic Chopard Happy Diamonds jewellery? Thank you!
  2. Jomashop.
  3. Really? They are not an authorized retailer of Chopard.
  4. They are grey market, not an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers for the most part do not tend to have online shops. To locate an AD you can find the list on Chopard's website and then google them to see if they have a website.
  5. This is true....Many of watch/jewelry companies do not allow their authorized dealers to sell online. The authorized dealers will sell to other jewelers that will sell the item online.
  6. I didn't realize that stores that weren't authorized dealers sold authentic merchandise. The website mentioned above only seems to have the watches, but I am looking for the jewellery. Do you know of a website that carries authentic Chopard jewellery?
  7. I have no help to offer, but I just looked at the Happy jewelry at the Chopard website. It is so pretty!
    Do you know what the price range is for them? I most interested in the plain gold heart with 3 or 5 diamonds.
  8. my bf got me a happy diamond heart ring with 1 diamond and i love it! :heart:
  9. Lussori.
  10. Ladies, better buy a Jewerly & watches @boutique or any watches dealer like: Sincere, Dickson, Chopard boutique itself.
    More guarantee 100% and no worries.

    I luv buy watches and Jewerly @ the boutique itself. Becoz there provide original receipts, boxes, and guarantee services.
  11. Costco.com has some.
  12. that kind of bucks i would go to the authorized store. it is not worth the hassle to buy from unauthorized dealers for this type of item. i do love the chopard happy things.
  13. i didn't see any at costco.com