Where to buy balenciaga in Vegas?

  1. I'm travelling to Vegas in a few weeks and would like to get my first look at, and maybe buy, a bbag.
    I'm not a huge NM fan. Is that the only place in Vegas that has them?

    Thank you!
  2. Yes, but Saks has a few put away - you have to ask to see them.
  3. Saks has very few, under lock and key...N&M in fashion Show Mall has a better selection so unless you are really opposed to them, I'd advise going there:smile:
  4. I purchased my bbag from Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Show mall so I'd suggest going there.
  5. I live in Vegas and NM has the best selection. It isn't the greatest....I usually order from Aloha Rag or BNY.
  6. Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas has a HUGE selection of Balenciaga bags out. The sales assistants there are pretty clueless about Balenciaga though. :Push:
  7. I bought one from Sam at Neiman Marcus. He was very sweet. If you are from out of state without a NM, you don't have to pay tax if you have it shipped to your home.
  8. Thanks all for the help. It looks like I'll be making a trip to NM--we do have one in here (snobby, thus my aversion), but they don't carry Balenciaga--they can order one, but having never seen any of the styles or colors, I want to look at them before making a purchase....

    My trip is the first week in November. I'll let y'all know if I get my first Balenciaga!