where to buy a carly

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to get my wife a coach carly, cream color with brown borders. Since I know what she wants, where is the best place to buy it.  I don't mind buying online. Amazon has really good prices, like 100 off but not the color I want.  The outlet in Houston only has purple ones but for under 200, that was nice but still no deal.  

    I have thought about getting the denim design since it is sold on amazon but I don’t know if she will like it.  


    Also, she does want me to spend 400 on her bag if I can get it for less and either do I!
  2. If you are close to a coach outlet you should stop by because they have a ton signature and leather.
  3. I second the outlet suggestion! Also, if you have any department stores nearby try looking there as well. I know my Belk has moved some Carlys into the discounted section, signature and possibly some leather.

    Purchase with caution if you buy online, there are plenty of fakes out there.
  4. Don't buy from Amazon because you won't be buying from amazon.com but from an individual seller, and most sellers on there use stock pictures stolen from Coach. The bag you receive will most likely be fake. The Coach outlet would be the best place to look for a Carly. If they don't have the style she wants, you can try looking on ebay but before you buy, be sure to post the auction in the http://forum.purseblog.com/coach-shopping/authenticate-this-coach-302470.html thread to make sure it's real since Carlys are frequently faked.
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    My outlet up here in Connecticut had the camel carlys which I think might be what you are looking for or at least close. You might be able to call around to different outlets and see if they have them!
  6. I think that particular one is still on the coach site under internet exclusives. try ebay though
  7. Sorry to borrow this thread but, I'm curious to know:

    Are all leather Carlys marked down really cheap at the outlets? Carlys were so expensive and the 'must have' bags. Are chilli red and brown medium carlys rare or they have a wide assortment?

    I'd love to know for comparison sake.

    Thank you in advance!
  8. The Carly's are 40% off discount from the original price. I bought my large plum leather Carly at an outlet and paid $253 on it. I also pickep up a large Carly sig Black and I paid about $215.
  9. Thank you Happywife18! I appreciate your feedback. I saw some medium Carlys at the Yorkdale Boxing Week sale for 50% off so I was wondering if they were cheaper at the outlets. I guess it's worth paying a visit to Yorkdale while they're hold the New Year's sale. I hope they have some nice colours but your plum leather one sounds beautiful and it's a large too!

    At that markdown price, it sounds like they're still a hot ticket item all around!
  10. Williamsburg, VA outlet has a lot of large Sig Carly and plum & dark blue leather Carly's. I was so tempted to buy the blue leather Carly but I resisted. I have already four Carly's and that should be enough for me. They have a ton of lindsey though and looking at the pictures of this beautiful bag it makes me one to buy the teal color.
  11. Alright Happywife18! :tup: Looks like Carly is your favvvvourite style handbag.

    The blue looks nice and it matches the denim colour pretty nicely. I like the chilli and chocolate (two ch's) colours.

    I'm starting to favour the Carlys after acquiring two Zoes, but only the leather kind because of the fraying issues reported here.
  12. Yes T-Girl I really like Carly bags. That's how I got into coach. I just like the look of the bag. I've been using my Black Sig Carly and just loving it. I'll be on the look out for the chilli & the chocolate, I'll pm you if I see these colors.
  13. Oh, don't worry about it. I can check them out at Yorkdale over here. Thank you for offering though. I really do appreciate it. :okay:

    I am starting to love the Carlys with turnlocks on either end of the bag. I have a tendancy to fiddle and these turnlocks are so tempting to flip around when bored. The zipper glides so nicely from either end and the leather is so smooshy and soft and the slouch is pretty fanciful. I also like the way the leather straps separate into a 'tripod' support on either end.