where to buy a Botkier crosby hobo??

  1. I have fallen in love with the burgundy Botkier crosby hobo on bag borrow or steal but can't find the same one on eBay or anywhere! Does anyone know where I can find this amazing bag?? Does anyone own one and have any positive/negative comments about the bag and its leather before I buy one (if I can even find one!)?

    Thanks so much!!
  2. I saw one this past Tuesday at the Nordstrom store in Columbia Mall, Columbia, Maryland.
  3. I have the Crosby satchel in burgundy and I love it! the leather is soft yet very durable. Have spilled things on it, dried it, back to normal. The hardware is industrial strength and overall I would rate this bag a 10. I have not seen too many out there since XMAS; they are tough to find. Might try eBay. Good luck!
  4. Thanks so much, I definitely want one now. I will try my Nordstrom's tomorrow!!!!