Where to begin looking for a job!? Help!


Sep 18, 2006
Hi everyone.
I know there are a good amount of you guys that are in the graphic design field. I am about to graduate from Undergrad @ School of Visual Arts. I majored in Graphic Design and need some help finding a job in New York City. I know i know, some of you are probably wondering how difficult could it get if its in NYC. But I am actually quite clueless on where to find one.. I am sure my school has a career center of some sort but I was hoping to find one myself first.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I checked craigslist and they are all free lance jobs, I wanted a full time job somewhere.

If you Google "graphic design jobs in nyc" it throws up 418,000 results, at all kinds of sites! Just "new york jobs" gets you a few, too...

Your career centre at school is probably a good place to start though, because specialist schools often have relationships with companies that like the skillset a certain school develops.

Happy job hunting, and good luck!
Don't you know of good graphic design firms by reputation, having studied them? Apply to the firms whose work you admire. I actually work with a lot of graphic design firms -- there's tons of them, not hard to find the good ones.
your college probably has a career office that can help you get placed. i've had a ton of success going through the University of Georgia's career site and applying to the listings there, and i'm about to get a really great internship that i found there (ahem, pending drug test). within a week, i had 3 or 4 interviews set up and i got some more after that.

a lot of industries also have sites that list job openings in that industry only. mediabistro.com and journalismjobs.com are great for people in media, and i've seen a fair number of graphics job listed on them, if you want to give them a shot. i'd google "graphic design jobs" and see what pops up as far as listing sites. the vast majority of the jobs on the other sites are in NYC, so you definitely have an advantage there.

like annie mentioned as well, you can send unsolicited job inquiries to firms whose work you respect or admire. their website probably have the contact information for the people that do the hiring and what they want from applicants in the way of cover letters, resumes, and portfolios.

since your major is artistic, make sure that you have a professionally printed portfolio of your best work to take on interviews, but hopefully your school addressed how to assemble a good portfolio with you at some point.