Where should the Bay Area tPF meeting be VOTE!


Where should we meet?

  1. San Francisco

  2. San Jose

  3. Palo Alto

  4. East Bay--please list in thread

  5. North Bay---please list in thread

  6. Other--Please list in thread

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  1. Cast your votes :yahoo:

    Also if you can give rides, post your location and seat available.
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  4. Really, the only place I *won't* meet is San Francisco (sorry!!!).

    I live in Pleasanton and the traffic between here and there is INSANE. I swear, I age a year every time I have to cross that bridge. :censor: And then just TRY to park. Even the huge lots fill up by 11am on the weekends.

    And BART is just soo smelly and icky (I know, I'm a big baby, LOL) and I am terrified to go in the tube under the Bay. ACK :push:

    East Bay would be great but I have So Bay friends of 10+ years that won't drive here (I think the miles must be longer coming this way), so I won't even suggest it as a meet location :p

    So San Jose is a great compromise for me!!
  5. I agree. I just hate driving to SF. San Jose is great fro me too! :p
  6. BUMP---Sorry, I want members to see this and vote
  7. Thanks for starting this lizlikeshugs!

    If we met in San Jose would we do Santana Row? Lunch at one of the nice restaurants there?? There are so many great places to eat!! And then there is Vintage Wine Merchants :graucho:
  8. I heard the lunch menu at Left Bank is fabulous! :p
  9. Left Bank does have a really nice menu, IMHO.

    I adore their crispy french fries and their mussels.

    Their brunch options are TDF though! They have a red wine poached egg on salad that is a must-have :drool:
  10. I voted for SJ. But I would be ok with Palo Alto.

    I agree with this. I had to take the bart when I worked in SF. I'll never take it again.

    I think that's funny that you say that San Jose people never want to leave SJ. I thought the same thing when I lived in Fremont. I live in SJ now, but I don't mind driving. But I HATE driving to and around SF. I used to commute from South SJ to San Ramon, so the drive to Pleasanton isn't that bad for me.
  11. Honestly, my friends in San Jose will go to AMAZING lengths NOT to drive to the East Bay, LOL!!!

    They will offer the "we'll buy if you fly" incentives to no end!!!

    The one thing we all agree on is to avoid SF. DH and I are season ticket holders to the Opera and Symph and we have vowed NOT to renew this year because it's sooo hard to get in and park. On average for evenings and weekends it takes 2 hours door to door to traverse a <40 mile stretch. :crybaby:

    Not to mention the new $4 bridge fare and ~$5/hr parking fees! :wtf:

    --- sorry for the S.F. rant. The thing is the City is cool and I wish it weren't so gosh darned PAINFUL to get in/out.

  12. :sad: i live in SF and would need a ride if it's elsewhere.

    parking in SF isn't that bad! i think if it's somewhere else besides downtown there should be street parking in the other districts?
  13. I live in SF and HATE going to San Jose. If it is in SF, I will go, but otherwise I will pass.
  14. Wild idea Gals, LOL!!! :upsidedown:

    Since we have a good bit of gals evenly split between SF and SJ, why don't we just have two meets??? :supacool:
  15. I live in SF. If anyone in the outer neighborhoods needs a ride, let me know. I have a 2-seater so I can only accommodate one other person.