Where is YSL made?


Dec 18, 2012
Does anyone know where YSL shoes are made? I love the tribute sandals...but I wanted to know if the company still has hands on or do they just slap their name on? Such as Bill Blass, Versace..Ollie C? Licensing their name out? For some strange reason...I love them but the hubby keeps thinking that they just "rent out the name" now so is reluctant to purchase them from me. Any input would be nice! Thanks!


Jan 5, 2010
Sydney! AU
YSL are generally made in Italy :P most of them.
It would be safe to say that there are no designer that runs their own manufacturing (factory) on RTW shoes.
All work will be contracted out to existing factories that will no doubt be making other designer's goods as well.
They will have overall say in the manufacturing/distribution though so not the same as just licensing out their name (where they would just get paid for the name and the other company can do as they wish).