Where Is The Love?????!!!!!!!

  1. I started looking around TPF in March of this year. It was soooo exciting to me!!!! I had other bags before- Chanel,Chloe, Gucci, Tods...... but this bbag thing made me a crazy woman:nuts::nuts:!!!!!! I knew back then I was not alone. Now the pre-fall collection has come out, and it seems like the excitement level has gone from Sizzle to Fizzle:tdown:. I loved reading ICB's reviews- so informative!!!!! Cracker, Shasta, and Powderpuff among many others rock too! Everyone is sooo nice here and helpful too. I love it here. I just wish the passion, the excitement the L-O-V-E :heart::heart: was going at full throttle again!!!!!!!
    I know alot of gals sound excited about Juane and Violet, and the new S/S 08 colors- bubble gum, magenta, and the new blues. Is that what is missing- the WOW colors?!
    Regardless, I still love it here and hopefully the excitement will be back up again soon. Thanks for letting me think outloud!!!!!:p
  2. Is it not exciting here? haha. :hrmm:
  3. Don't hurt me- I certainly didn't mean it to offensive!!!! It just seemed people where more excited when I first started looking in March- that's all. Maybe it is just me?!
  4. I think that generally emotions of excitement on the pf come in waves with each collection. Also I am assuming that more people are out and about since it is summer in a lot of regions, whereas in the cold months, everyone is locked in doors.
  5. I think that there is a lull as we are waiting for the Jaune and Violet to come out :p. Don't worry, the B-bag frenzy (or at least mine) will start soon!
  6. I'm new to the Bal forum, so I don't know how it was before, but I'm here and excited about posting! (Though I have never bought or examined a Bbag in person...making a trip to Barney's this weekend!).
  7. Welcome MandB!!! I am going to Barneys next week. I can't wait!!!!!!! Neimans too! It's such a treat for me since I live no where near any major Dept. stores. I hope you have a great time at Barneys and find what you are looking for. Do you have anything specific in mind? I am just dying to see the colors in person!!!!!
  8. I think the baords really start hopping as new colors start to arrive, be announced, or when swatches first get posted. There are always lulls inbetween these periods.
  9. Oh, I am looking for everything and will be buying nothing! I would like to see Ocean and just examine Bbags in general. I need some motivation to sell parts of my collection to make room for a Bbag. Hope you have a good trip!
  10. Peppermintpatty, I think there's a summer low here, too. And part of it is of course that we're all out running around with our bags - but, I have to say, that after the pre-fall colors were out, I too thought there was...a bit of a slump here.

    I think when the Jaune and the Violet really start showing up, it's going to get exciting again.
  11. Hi!!! Peppermintpatty. The love is still here. I think as others have said, it's summer, the weather is nice, many aren't sitting home on their computers as much. The sort of repetitive fallish/winterish colors for spring/summer may have contibuted to the lull now as everyone awaits more vivid, exciting colors. I think Mastic, Cinnamon and Sienna are gorgeous neutrals, but not the sort of colors that many get all excited about, especially since they debuted them for spring/summer when they are really fall colors. Still haven't figured out their reasoning on that one. :nogood:Excitement is coming shortly when the yellow and violet arrive. I think many are maxed out on neutrals.
  12. ITA ^^^ PP!!

    I am just dying to get my hands on my Magenta :nuts:

    And when Jaune and Violet hit the streets it's going to be an all out frenzy!! :upsidedown:
  13. I echo PP's sentiments. Summer - it's nice with things to do. The colors are nice, but not really new or different. Once new colors start to arrive, this place will be hoppin'! :yes:
  14. hi there! :smile: when i got my first bbag a few months ago, i was so excited, i planned on buying like 4 more that same month. i got distracted by chanel, hermes and LV recently, but i'm back to the balenciaga love. i just saw a lady on the train recently carrying a striking black work bag that made my heart do little flips! so i'm back to the bal love... :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. It does seem kinda dead on here today....