Where is the date code on the multiplicite?

  1. I just bought one, but can't locate the date code.

  2. Try checking on this leather tab:


    Or try checking on the seams of the pockets.
  3. I did. It's definitely not on the leather tab. On the seams of the pockets, would it be stamped on the lining, or as a separate leather thingie?

    I looked in the pockets, but will look again.
  4. hmm, did you get it from an LV boutique? Saks, Neimans??

    Check along the sides or in the pockets.. its usually on a small piece of leather on the sides of the bag...what kind of bag is it, it might be stamped directly onto the lining
  5. Yep, bought it at an LV boutique, so I'm sure that it's authentic.

    The lining is the alcacentra (sp?) and I think that sometimes the code is stamped directly on the lining.

    Despite turning the lining inside out and searching with a flashlight, I can't find it.
  6. ck21, this is sooo strange, I can not find a date code in my Damier Papillon 30 either :confused1: It was purchased from the Louis Vuitton boutique too. Maybe we need glasses :shame:
  7. Found it!! Stamped on the lining in the upper corner, sort of underneath the end of the zipper.

    Thanks for the help!
  8. yay!^^^
  9. Glad you found it!