where is the date code on epi pti wallets?

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  1. As the date code its embossed it can be quite difficult to see. It probably is in one of the corners of the "pocket area but the seller might not even see it. On my Epi FP it a magnifying glass and day light to find it. Good luck
  2. bump-so it doesn't get lost. i need to give the seller more info i think.
  3. [​IMG]

    Inside the pocket near the seam.
  4. thanks for the great pix and references ladies! perfect! im going to refer the seller to it in hopes of getting a response!
  5. lee69- what do you use you wallet for? check book? or just basic wallet functions? is the pen loop a functional one, or is it not a pen loop? and what do you use that pocket for?
  6. I am glad you started this thread; I have my eye on the same wallet in black! :smile:
  7. ah. actually, we want to start a thread that has a pic of each piece and instrusctions and pix on where the date code is. its gonna take a little bit of effort from everyone, but it will be an amazing resource!

    this, is a good start.
  8. Wow, what a great idea! This would be sooooo helpful!!!