Where/How can I get a Bottega Veneta catalog?

  1. Love this brand! Does anyone know where I can get a catalog for S/S 2007? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thank you, JNH14!
  3. You're welcome-I hope you can get one there!:smile: They had a small leather "camera" type bag with a chain strap on Smartbargains in camel and black. It was marked down to $76. It's not very large though.
  4. Absolutely love this brand too:love:, going to Singapore in 3 weeks and will be checking it out, can't wait!! Good luck with the catalogue:smile:
  5. Welcome to our sunny shores in advance! :p

    Have you been to the BV store before? Must lemme know if you wanna know where exactly it is!

    spiralsnowman, I'm looking forward to receiving the catalogue too :yes:
  6. If you go to their website and sign up, they'll send you a catalog.