Where have I been!!

  1. I just ran a search on the Coach site for stores near me and tell me why there are THREE an hour away! I *thought* there was one at this newer high fashion mall they built, but had no idea about the other two! I know where I am going sometime this month! Its only 15-20 min from the outlet! **VERY EXCITED**
  2. i see you live in central texas!! where? i live in austin...there are 2 outlets and 4 coach stores within 20 miles...there's one @ the domain (the high fashio mall you were referring too), @ the arboretum, barton creek mall, hill country galleria...i feel like I'm missing one...they are hard to keep up with lol
  3. Awesome! Im at Ft. Hood! I havent heard of the hill country galleria! The Round Rock Outlet is the only coach Ive been to. Is there one in San Marcos too?

    I want to hit one of the stores so I can try out the swingpack and pouch I want to see if they will work for me or not.

    Do you have a favorite store?!
  4. yes San Marcos has one too.
  5. i like the coach at the domain...it's the newest