Where else can I buy a Cole Haan bag?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Thanks again to all who helped me decide on buying one of these two bags. The problem is, I live in Vancouver, Canada and the colehaan.com website doesn't ship outside the USA.

    Does anyone know where else I could buy one of these two bags? Thanks!!!

    I'm either going to to with the small convertible tote:
    Cole Haan : Women's SMALL CONVERTIBLE TOTE : Paige Collection Handbags


    the village small bucket tote:
    Cole Haan : Women's SMALL BUCKET TOTE : Village Collection Handbags

    :heart: Danielle
  2. Do you have your passport?
    Seattle is three hours away and would probably have your purse.
  3. here you are daniela.............
    Cole Haan
    University Village Shopping Centre
    [SIZE=-1]4609 26th Ave NE
    Seattle, WA 98105
    (206) 527-3069[/SIZE]
  4. Hi Elizabeth!

    Great suggestion, but I can't leave Canada for another year b/c I have applied for permanent residency (I'm from the States) and so I can't leave before then! :sad:
  5. Unless I got the styles mixed up, Neiman Marcus online site has these bags. They ship internationally but I don't know what the surcharge would be. You could call them. If you click on "assistance" they have lots of Q&A and a phone number to order by phone for international. Online I don't think you need a NM credit card.

    I hope you get the bag you want--I love CH bags and shoes! Good luck.
  6. Thank you, Boxer mom!
    This forum is so helpful, I just love it!
  7. BUMMER!

    Bloomingdales only has the village bucket in green (and I wanted camel)

    And Neiman Marcus has the village bucket in camel, but they don't have the Cole Haan Convertible tote which i think is the one I might be leaning towards. UGH!

    And it looks like Macy's doesn't carry Cole Haan at all.

    Anyone else know how I can buy a Cole Haan bag from Canada???????
  8. hi! Nordstrom's...you can also call bloomie's and nieman marcus on the phone and they can ship to you...sometimes the websites don't have the inventory that they have in the store...hope that helps...also, i have the small bucket and love it...the convertible tote is difficult to get into and out of...and it's heavier...
  9. Have you tried doing a search for stores on their website? I did and it said there is a location in Toronto. The number is 416-926-7575. Definitely give the store a call because they may be able to ship the bag to you. Hope this helps! :yes:
  10. Daniela - You can get them on ebags.com. Here is the link to all of them. (note there are 2 or 3 pages)

    - eBags
  11. Wow! You gals are GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

    Thank you so much for helping me! I am so excited for to buy a new bag. Thank goodness for tax return $ !!!! LOL

    A big hug to all of you for helping me out. You ladies ROCK!
    :heart: :heart: :heart: