where does one get a "cheap" tokidoki

  1. in NYC ? :yes:

    my sister is gonna be there on april 24th or so and I would really like to get a zucca in amore or paradiso.
    ( if there are any left =[ ) .

    they don't sell tokidoki over here at all, you guys are so lucky, i have to order everything online (and shipping is always expensive) or ask my sister to buy stuff when she's there (she's a flight attendant ;) ).
  2. Where are you???

    No one knows FOR sure when Amore is going to be out so don't know if it will be available when your sister is here. Other than maybe a Macy's or Nordie's routine 15 - 20 percent off sale, I doubt any place will put Amore on sale for awhile anyway.

    A Paradiso Zucca might be hard to find any place but eBay..... seems like Zuccas go fast at the stores. I've never seen one in real life.
  3. As of 2 weeks ago, I saw 3 paradiso zucca in woodbury premium outlet, but they are only 25% off. If you really want it badly, i suggest you to give them a call and do chargesend since your sister is coming on april 24th...thats 3 weeks away. The outlet may not have them anymore. And I dont think amore will be on sale when your sister is in nyc, amore will be released on april 10th, they wont be on sale in 2 weeks :shrugs:
  4. i'm from israel :rolleyes: .
    and i don't mean cheap as in 50% off, but 15-25% will be nice.

    i figured amore would probably still be full price :sad: but i'd be happy with a paradiso as well.

    i have no idea what chargesend is, but it sounds like something i can't do from way over here . ;)

    where is this woodberry outlet?
  5. Yeah, would someone please care to explain to me what chrgesend is? Is it kind of like you pay for it and they send it to you or they hold it for oyu?? What is it?
  6. look at www.lesportsac.com under "store locator" and it will list Woodbury, NY. outlet.
  7. Woodbury outlets are about an hour drive north of New York City Chargesend is when you call the store, they charge your credit card and send the item to you. I learned that here from these lovely ladies!
  8. Well, maybe I should start doing that then. I never knew I could but if would help out a lot since we don't have any major department stores in thsi location,
  9. yep, this is it. The steps is something like this:
    1. SA find a bag with a print placement you want
    2. You give them your CC info
    3. They will send it to you but they charge shipping (normally a flat rate shipping and you can get 3 or 4 bags with the same shipping rate)

    and yes, you cant do this to israel. i'm sorry:crybaby: i didn't know you were in israel.
  10. Or you can also get deals on eBay, but make sure they are authentic! eBay sellers ship international (a good amount of them) Some stuff is really cheap there!
  11. I spoke with them just a bit ago and the prints they have are inferno, paradiso, camo playground in black and olive and that pesky fumo. They said they had zuccas, so that's a really good option for you. 97.50 for the Mama Mias, not sure about the Zuccas. It's 8.50 for shipping here in the US, not sure what their policy is on international orders. Good luck!!!
    I've got my fingers crossed that they will get in the pirata and adios prints soon.
  12. well i can have it sent to her hotel in manhattan i guess, if they'll agree to send it 2 weeks from now .

    and they should accept my mastercard since it's an international credit card, no? :rolleyes:

    i still rather just go into a store and pick one myself, but guess all the stores in nyc charge full price for these bags? :sad:

  13. i've been going through ebay for a week or 2, it usualy goes up to retail price (+ expensive shipping fees) / they don't send outside of the us / something else .

    97$ is awesome but mamma mias are too small for me, i like giant bags. =]
  14. paradiso and inferno was on sale in macysfor the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure whether they still have it now (since the macys where i live nearby doesnt have them anymore). But the pirata and adios star is still at full price, and probably the amore when your sister is in nyc

  15. Yeah I like giant bags too. :graucho: