Where does ebay come up with this stuff!

Dec 19, 2007
I have an ebay acct that I have both bought and sold on, but after a few nasty buyers and overall low sales I stopped selling. The last item I sold was in March, the last item I bought was in april. I bid on a wii game for my husbands bday in the end of april and lost, thats the last time I have had any activity on ebay. So imagine my suprise today when I recieve a "procedural warning" message from ebay. It says that my acct has been restricted for 14 days because I was involved in shill bidding with user spartan11727. This is the person who had the video game I bid on in april. I placed 1 bid of 19.99 and was immediately outbid. I dont see how they can now 4 months later restrict my acct for shill bidding. I hardly think 1 bid on an item by a seller on the other side of the country who has 0 connections to me is shill bidding! Not that it matters since I am not using ebay now and from the email I gather that the restriction just limits me to a fixed price listing if I want to sell something. This just irks me that they just do random crazy stuff like this!
Apr 15, 2009
Contact ebay RIGHT AWAY. This may be a spoof e-mail that's trying to get your info. Do NOT click any links that are provided in the e-mail. Go through the e-bay home page to find SafeHarbour and contact them. You should also forward this e-mail to "spoof@ebay.com" -- that's what the addy used to be, anyway.

If this IS a legitimate ebay e-mail, I would respond and try to get your user name cleared. You have no idea when this might come back to bite you in the butt, y'know? Maybe 2or 3 years from now, some ebay goofball looking at your account for something and going "ooooooooooooh, she was involved in shill bidding" and because you were "convicted" of shill bidding, ebay decides you are guilty of whatever the NEXT issue is, too.
Apr 15, 2007
You should have a converstaion with a representative about this asap.

It just doesn't "sound right". If you kept the e-mails they should be forwarded as well.

You need to protect your user name as best as you can.


Feb 1, 2007
Agree with above posters: DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS. Call Ebay as soon as possible and have them straighten this out. If it's legit, you need to insist on talking to a superviser who can help you. Did this message come through your My Messages or could it be a spoof?