Where do you store your LV?

  1. I'm just posting this cuz I thot that it would be interesting lol.
    If yer wondering, I keep my LV baggies in in their original dustbag and I store them in my :yes: SAUNA in the basement lol. No, i'm not crazy, but my family (and previous owners of the house) has NEVER used our sauna before, so there's no moisture that would kill my babies! I also heard that the special scented wood used in saunas have the ability to suck up excess moisture:amazed: which is why I keep it here. Also, the sauna room is pitch black (unless I turn on the light) which is another reason why I keep it here cuz I want to maintain the brandnew pale leather look as long as possible!:biggrin:
  2. i just moved to a new one-bedroom apartment on Tuesday. because this is one of the smallest apartments in the complex, my bedroom has a walk-in closet with shelves that run along the entire wall on either side of the closet. so i keep my bags in their dustbags and line them all up on the shelves. i keep the door closed and the light off, to help slow down the patina process too.
  3. I keep mine in their dustbags in their boxes on a shelf in my closet.
  4. I almost fainted when you said "sauna"! :roflmfao: That's quite a unique place to store your bags but if it works then why not. :yes: I put all my bags in the original dust bag and store them on the shelves in my closet. I also throw in silica gels to prevent moisture built up.
  5. On the shelves in my closet sans their dust bags because otherwise I forget what bags I have!!!:lol:
    pict23047vs.jpg pict23053xt.jpg
  6. my bags are stored under my bed in their original boxes and dust bags...
  7. I have a cedar storage bench that goes at the foot of my bed. I have half of them in there and half of them seem to be at my mum's house! She has an incredible closet and she lives 10 minutes from me.
  8. Here's a couple of pics of my closet...I keep my most frequently used bags upstairs in the closet. The rest are somewhere in the basement.
    pursecloset.jpg pursecloset2.jpg
  9. I have a pursecloset.
  10. ^^^I LOVE the fact that you store your paps standing up!!! I will do that with mine!!!:yes:
  11. I store mine in there dust on a shelf in my closet.
  12. I have a purse drawer, that's almost too small for my collection now. Guess I'll need to figure something else out now :biggrin:
  13. on the shelves in my dressing room.
  14. I Store Mine In Their Dustbags (The Ones That I Have Boxes For ~ Are In Them)........My Closet Is Pretty Much A Small Room...One Half Is Selving For My Bags. I Also Have Tall Sheving Above It.....& That's Covered With Bags I Use Much Less!
  15. In a dustbag in my closet. I interchange bags often, so storing them in special chests with locks and crazy contraptions is just not an option for me :lol: :roflmfao: