Where do you put your charm????

  1. Just bought a Pegasus Cadena for one of my Kellys and put it on one of the loops at the handle but it kinda looks goofy there.

    Where do you guys put these things? :shrugs:
  2. I put my charm out there........

    LOL...just kidding, I only have two - the sailboat and te elephant....I wear them on the handle loops.......now you mention it, they can look a little "bulky" there, but I prefer there as opposed to dangling from the clochette, which is the other spot lots of ladies put them...reason being I don't want the cadena to scratch the box (dangling on the front)....on my herbag I put them on the clochette, though.
  3. Hi shopmom,
    I don't have a pegasus cadena, so I haven't a clue how big it is. I use the sweet little heart 2004 cadena for my new Kelly, and put it on the loop by the bag handle. For a bigger cadena like the hippo, I hang it on the clochette on my Birkin.
  4. But if you hang them on the handle loops, wouldn't it rub the leather in the long run? (like the regular lock does) Actually for this reason I've given up using the locks all together: wherever you hang them, they will rub the leather and you get those ugly "smilies"....Just my 2 cents....
  5. It looks great at the bottom of my Trim. I haven't really gotten it to work with anything else.
  6. I wear my Pegasus on my neck. He usually dangles from a Quitte Ou necklace.
  7. I wear my mediterranean cadena as a pendant on a leather H chain. that way no scratches to worry about!
  8. Would love to see some pics...
  9. I love my cadenas and always wear them as locks for my Kellys (in the turn lock). Kind of a pain to open, but so pretty that it is worth it!
  10. I've attached a 2004 Annee de la Fantaisie heart charm on this Chevre Kelly many times with no scratches or problems. I would avoid putting locks on Box bags, though. I like to attach it to the inner loop to reserve the outer loop for the strap.

  11. Whoops. I've put my lock on the loop of my (box) Kelly. It's been there a couple of weeks. I'm going to examine it now to see if I've scratched it.

    Thanks for this tip, L. :flowers:
  12. Ok. I put it on the inner loop, like 24! Maybe I'm just not used to the way it looks compared to the regular lock. I also have the silver Annee de la Fantaisie heart and that one just lives on the bottom of my Trim closure and it looks GREAT there!

    When I was in the store yesterday, I saw the leather Quitte Ou necklace and thought that was a GREAT way to wear Pegasus (my favorite charm next to the Heart) but forgot to get one before I left! Well, I guess it's.....another trip to Hermes!!!!!!

    Thanks, guys!