Where do you ladies buy online??

  1. I was just wondering where you tend to buy online...?
  2. usually via eBay for used bbag.....thanks
  3. i've bought from lvr (luisaviaroma) and some other good, authentic sites (haven't purchased from them personally but i know many others here have) are diabro.net (some things are more expensive there though) and of course, aloha rag!
  4. Definitely eBay. I just use the Authenticate this.....thread until it is dead.

    But I am now the proud owner of a 06 Cornflower Twiggy, and a 05 Caramel Twiggy from PowderPuff!

    Just waiting for them to arrive....so excited!!!
  5. I have a question about buying online vs buying directly from BalNY. I would think it is better to buy from BalNY if you are willing to pay retail because the SA can pick you the best bag out of the 5-10 they have available in the color/style you are looking for and you get free 1-2 day shipping. Why do people purchase from online stores when they can purchase from BalNY? Is it because of the 2 exchanges policy?
  6. As for me is simple, as i'm located out of US, i have to buy online and it's more convenient and i love the service from aloha rag and free shippin for purchase more than USD500. Also, the retail price is the same as Bal NY, if i were to get it from them, the shippin may costs me at USD75 for a small item....sigh
  7. Ohh I thought shipping was free if it was over 500...that's what terry told me...i'm in Canada!
  8. Hi Celia, have you gotten anything from the Bal Singapore store?

  9. Aloha Rag or the following sellers on ebay: "personalshoppers", "lvlady99", "hgbags"
  10. bluefly.com on certain lucky days (very few and far between) - and so far only GH bags...RH bags show up on bluefly even less frequently than GH.

    I'm keeping an eye on diabro.net. Their prices are very good, and they tend to mark down styles/colors that don't sell in a timely fashion.
  11. ebay.

    I haven't tried Aloha Rag yet, but I hear good things about them.
  12. Aloha Rag, BalNY, Diabro.net and eBay are the online sites where I've bought my Bbags. I've been very happy with the bags I've received from all sites. There are also consignment shops with an online presence if you don't mind pre-loved. Our very own realdealcollection has her own site that you might want to check out. I'm thinking of consigning one of my Bbags with her...