Where do you keep the key?

  1. Hi gals,
    I have not seen any thread on this, so I have to ask: where do you keep the key when you take your Paddy out? I leave the key hanging; tied to the ring handle. But I'm worried if the key accidentally get caught on something and I lose it. I wear the bag with the lock too. If the key is lost, how do we open the lock? Get a locksmith? Anyone ever lost their key with the lock still locked on the bag? Thanks.
  2. Well - I never even think about it. I like the way the hanging key looks - kinda like the strings on a Balenciaga.
  3. Thanks, Divnanata! I just love the look of both lock and key on the bag. Good to know that you leave the key hanging too. I guess for the looks, I'll just leave it as it is.
  4. tied to the bag and put inside the side pockets.
  5. I keep mine tied to the bag and hanging, the way it comes with the bag :smile:

  6. itta
  7. Mine is tied but its soo long so I put it inside....as long as the Lock is showing I am happy! This is for my new frontpocket paddy in mousse that I traded with another TPFER....I love the front pocket style!!! my favourte paddy style yet!
  8. I just let mine hang, like it came on my beautiful front pocket dark brown Paddy. Mona, I agree, I'm loving this style. After trying a couple of other styles, this is it.
  9. I leave it tied to the handle too. I just loop it around so that it's not dangling too far down.

  10. Me too, can't stand the key making the "clack" sound when I put the bag down.
  11. It varies for me.The only paddy I have is a large front pocket. Most of the time I let it hang. But if it keeps hitting something then i'll just tuck in the pocket for safe keeping.
  12. Thank you for the replies, you lovely Chloe gals. It's good to know that you do not worry about the key. I'll just loop the strap a few more times to shorten it. It's super-long on my front-pocket pady.
  13. I leave mine hang they way they came on the bag.... I like they way the dangly key looks. Hadn't thought about losing it-until now!! Antoher thing to worry about...LOL. Seriously though, it's pretty sturdy leather so probably not big chance you'll lose it.... The keys are so cute too!!
  14. Same here ... I leave it tied to the bag and hanging... I love it and try to be careful not to hit anything/anybody with it... specially children (:upsidedown:when parents are around)