Where do you buy

  1. most of your collection?

    Mine is half and half Ebay and at Dillard's, the only store in my town that sells Coach. I'm hoping to get to an outlet soon, though!
  2. Outlets and coach boutiques. I've gotten a couple of things at Macy's and couple on ebay.
  3. Mostly directly from Coach and occasionally from the store on our military base. My hubby is in the Navy so I can buy them at around 20% off and avoid paying sales tax. Ebay scares me. I've been ripped off before so I rarely try that anymore.
  4. the outlets...and the boutique at a mall in atlanta (about an hour away). and now, from sprinkles. :biggrin:
  5. kallison, I'm in school in Atlanta! Which mall boutique is your favorite? Which outlet do you go to? I've never been to one in Georgia only the ones in Tennessee (home sweet home).
  6. boutique/sprinkles!
  7. I buy from my store :smile: I have gotten one or two things from members as well :smile:
  8. i go to lenox. the girls there are the absolute best. :heart:
    and the outlet is in dawsonville.
    whereabouts in atlanta are you? what school? (pm me!)
  9. Usually the boutique or Macy's (both about 1-1/2 hour from me). The only outlet in the state is over 2 hours away and doesn't carry signature. I haven't been that impressed with what they have, but I'm not there that often, either, so I might just miss the good stuff.
  10. macys, Dillards, Coach.com.
    i dont think i can trust ebay.
  11. Half from the actual Coach full price store & the other half outlet. I bought one bag from macys the lrg hamptons hobo for $65.00, had to buy it, it was cheaper than the outlet.
  12. Mostly Dillards.
    I've gotten a few at an outlet but I have to drive over an hour and a half to get to it.
    The only coach boutique stores in my state are over an hour away.
  13. Outlets and eBay.
  14. Outlets and boutiques for the most part. Very rarely on ebay.
  15. I get mine from boutiques and on eBay. However, I am shopping much less frequently on eBay these days.