Where do you buy your B Bags?

  1. Sorry guys, I'm an MJ gal, so I'm a little out of the loop.

    Where do you guys buy your B Bags? I think I'm missing something here. When I google Balenciaga, I'm getting Barney's, but where else?

    :heart:Thanks! :heart:
  2. IRL... any Bal boutique, Barney's, NM (sometimes). I heard Bergdorf used to carry them but when I went there they were sold out.

    Online... nowhere except for AlohaRag. Technically that's not really online because you complete the order process offline, but it's the closest.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Wish there was a place we could buy Balenciaga and use ****** on! :graucho: Would be cool if we could use ****** for Aloharag...
  4. I have started collecting handbags since I joined this forum. I want to add a B-Bag into my small collection. I came across a website online (google) called eDesignershop.com, they sell B-bags for decent prices. Very tempted to buy one but wanted to check with you all before I buy one and end up with a fake bag. I have no clue on how an authetic B-bag looks like :shame: or even the fake one for that matter. Please help!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  5. ^^
    I'll look into it! That would be cool. It all depends on if they have an affiliate program.
  6. No way those are authentic. They sell high priced fakes. Start with the link Seahorse posted for authentic bbags:


    And thanks for looking into that Rebecca! :flowers:
  7. (My above reply meant for Pewter)
  8. I prefer BNY, no tax, no shipping fees if you buy a lot from them and use the same SA, But no refunds. Saks, NM or Barneys, but I have to pay tax on all of those. I'm scared of ebay unless it's a PF member.
  9. Neiman Marcus in SF has the largest Balenciaga selection and stock of almost all the NMs.
  10. Aloha Rag
  11. BalNY...no tax and free shipping!
  12. I just bought one from Neiman Marcus in the GSP in NJ. They have a rather large collection. Many colors and new items, like the large suede hobo and a rouched, box shaped bag.
  13. I have to say mostly LVR and Ebay (I always try to not pay full RRP, :Punless I really want a particular colour or style!) Then there is Selfridges and Harvey Nichols for the sales! Which are FABULOUS!!!:yes:
  14. I purchase my Balenciaga bags from Neiman-Marcus. I detest BNY exchange policy. I've never returned a Balenciaga bag, but it's nice to know if I needed to I could.