Where do people buy such cheap designer handbags?

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  1. I've been eyeing the same Coach purse for about a year and a half. My fiance planned on purchasing it for me for my birthday. However, by the time my birthday rolled around, the bag was no longer sold in stores. I recently looked to eBay and outlet stores. Upon seeing the cheap prices on eBay, I couldn't help but wonder where the sellers are purchasing such cheap handbags that they can actually make a profit. I thought maybe they were purchasing them from outlet stores but my fiance called today, only to find out the bag will be at least $60 more at the store.
    Does anyone know?
  2. I'm about 95% sure they're counterfeit handbags, thats why they're so cheap.
  3. are you looking at the used items? Remember that even new items start with low bids, like 99 cents, but they will be bid up.
  4. ^^^That could be. You might want to get it authenticated first. Sometimes there are good deals on the bay, but approx 80% of the bags are fake.
  5. I can so relate to this! For the longest time I was trying to hunt down a Coach bag, I think it was named the Legacy. It was a single strap with two front pockets. I had seen it on a woman while shopping in the shoe department @ Lord & Taylor. It turns out it was discontinued. When I phoned Coach they said they had two left in chocolate brown and that they would not be sending it to their outlets. I tried negotiating at that time with the supervisor because they were charging $695 for the bag. I had wanted it in gray and they only had the brown left. To make a long story short, for another $300 I ended up buying my YSL Rive Gauche! I still remember how much I wanted that bag!
  6. I looked very hard at the pictures (I even tried looking at the metal part of the zippers, lol) to see if they're fake. If they are, they're fantastic knock-offs! Or the pictures are of a real bag and the one they're selling isn't authentic.

    I wonder if some of the sellers are Coach employees... They get a 50% discount!
  7. ^I believe some stores that give their employees discounts mark the bags so they can't be resold. I Think I read that LV does that, and I wouldn't be surprised if Coach did too.
  8. Sometimes people are desperate for the money. Also used bags don't hold their value well.
  9. Although you have to be careful re fakes on eBay, it's naive to think that all 'cheap' bags being sold there must be fakes. Many people run online businesses selling overstock, discontinued lines, slightly-damaged bags, etc. So it's perfectly possible to get great deals on authentic bags. One of my earliest designer bags was a Prada bowler that was marked down because it was not only old stock but had a sticky zip and slightly-damaged lining. Years later I still have that bag. In fact it will probably outlive me!
  10. A general rule of thumb we always tell our customers if a designer bag is really inexpensive at regular price then it's probably too good to be true. There are a lot of different stores that buy overstock and discontinued items direct from the manufacturer, which is why those company's are able to give better discounts.

    PurseXaXholic you are correct many companies do mark the bags so their employees can't resell them.
  11. The discounted MBMJ bag I bought before Xmas had indeed been marked inside. The seller alerted me to this before purchase.