Where do derelict Hermes Bags go?

  1. OK call me an heretic. I am sorry, but the prices of new Birkins are just too much for me, unless I sell my children and my horses. But the thing that I wonder: surely there must be old, perhaps care-worn Hermes bags out there. I know you gals all take impeccable care of your bags and keep them pristine; but "back in the day", before they became so popular, there must have been Hermes bags that ladies were less fastidious with. This is the kind of bag I deserve, actually, as I am very hard on my bags; I have just been cleaning hay out of the bottom of one (OK it's only Kurt Geiger, so relax) because it goes everywhere for weeks until I feel like a change.
    There must be a market catering for gals like me, who can neither afford (nor deserve!) a pristine Hermes bag. All ideas welcome...:yes:
  2. LOLO....sometimes on eBay you can find some vintage Kelly's that are less than perfect for a pretty good price. Just make sure to ask the gals here on this Forum regarding authenticity before you take the plunge.....let me see if I can find anything right now just to show you what I mean.....
  3. I guess it also depends on which style you like and your budget. I've noticed on ebay that vintage Kellys still price above $1000 whereas other less known Hermes models maybe priced for less.
  4. Thanks HG and Shopmom... the vintage 1960's Kelly looks especially good; someone earlier on another thread mentioned possible concerns about condition but I have to tell you that looks like any bag of mine does after a month, I am ashamed to say! You would despair of me, I tell you. However you have got me seriously keen on the handbags... but can I mend my ways?
  5. Yes, Amkur, those prices are too high for a bad bag girl like me. I never carry cheap and nasty bags, I only buy leather and usually something like Polo, Geiger, Burberry. But somehow Hermes are the Holy Grail and they deserve not to be harshly treated. Your comment on the less popular ones is true, and that may be the answer.
  6. You'll be like that woman on the bag trivia thread that took her Kelly on safari and had it crushed by an elephant.
  7. You will laugh, HG, but there are elephants on the farm next door, and they break out at least once a year and wander over for a visit. More worrying is a rogue wildebees on our farm who takes one look at me and starts snorting and pawing the ground. I have had to go like the clappers to escape him before (thankfully on my quad bike, not on foot.) So you see, no demure and pristine life for a Hermes bag with Lolo!
  8. Oooohhh, I want to be there when you take that Hermes bag in for refurbishing and have to explain the damage.:P
  9. Lolo...OT I'm afraid but where are you in South Africa? This is DH's dream destination next year for his birthday celebration....just begining to do my research. PM me if you like......
  10. Since Shopmom asked about South Africa, I am going to offer a tip on looking after your Hermes in South Africa! You may take it on safari by all means but please gals, no serious bling in the streets. What you really want in urban areas is to NOT draw attention to yourselves. Anyone wanting to know anything is welcome to PM me and I'll do my best (no affiliation to travel industry, I'm just a farmer with a thing for Hermes!
  11. I am in the same boat and I am desperately looking for a vintage or used Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag. So if anyone is looking to sell their used Hermes bags let me know!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. Hi Weeziegirl, I'll take the ones you reject as too battered.... aside of the price of the darn things generally being too much for this gal, I'm a bag basher so I might as well receive it already a bit beaten up. I don't know why but my poor bags take a pounding. Good luck in your search!
  13. Lolo:

    wow..I don't get to see elephant at my neighbors too often! That must be interesting! do you have any exotic animals in your backyard, too?

    and yes..I think ebay has nice preown Kelly/birkins from time to time! get one in mint condition so it can take the beating a bit longer :love: