Where did your H bag go today?

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  1. LOL...I am carrying Evelyne today...she went to the gym and then to the car wash... What a "glamour" girl! :shame: This afternoon she will wait in the car while I get a manicure/pedicure (she is fine in the gym, but a bit nervous about acetone or whatever chemical is currently being used in the salon)...
  2. My Evelyne had an oh so glamorous day too...first a meeting with the Vice Principal to discuss positive reinforcement strategies for my son (oh so much fun.....:throwup: I get soooooo nauseas over these things). Then off to a biddy basketball class for my three year old!! Of course just carrying my evelyne makes me feel more sophisticated and well dressed!!!
  3. I get nervous going to nail salon with my birkin too that's why she has to stay home when I get my nails done. You will never know who might knock something onto your bag. :sad:

    My birkin is resting on the couch and watching TV right now. She had a long week of traveling to Palm Beach and NYC.
  4. to work with me:sad: She is definitely bored and ready for VACATION!!
  5. My Kelly went with me to parent/teacher interview at my son's school.:wlae:
  6. Oh lordy......Goldy's going to have quite a day. Sat on my dresser for most of the morning gearing up for a little trip to the post office and now she's in her favorite spot on my office desk waiting for me to take her to lunch at our local Chinese restaurant. After that it's off to school to pick up DD (who BETTER get her driving permit this year.....'cause I'm getting pretty sick of schlepping her everywhere) and then to the mall for last minute gifts with a nice couple of hours late this afternoon sitting in the movie theater watching "The Holiday"!
  7. Trim...went to do last minute Chrissy shopping (although I have done all of it - just little things), then to my fave furniture store to pick up an Eames Hang-It-all for big DD, then back home...gave her a rub for her scuffs - she's starting to patina nicely! Today she wore my Jardins d'Andalousie scarf in eau de nil colourway - very chic!
  8. My Kelly went to my 5 year old's school Xmas party (she was VERY afraid!!) and is going to gymnasticas in an hour.
  9. BJ Birkin went with me to the nursing home to visit my MIL. DH is out of town so Birkin and I thought we'd spend some time with her. She's not doing too well. It's very sad.
  10. ^^^^^Sorry to hear that, Kat. Keep us updated.
  11. ^ I'm sorry Kat. :sad:

    Since I'm laying low and trying to keep from getting the cold everyone around me has, my Birkin went in the car to drop off my son at school and to pick him up. Whew! Exciting, huh? hehe
  12. Oh Kat, I am so sorry to hear that....
  13. This morning I went to the hairdresser to have my highlights done, so I left my Birkin at home, b/c I'm scared that some of the hair dye might reach it :wtf:,so I took my "heavy duty" Speedy. Of course as soon as I got back home, I switched to my BK again! In the afternoon I took my BK with my DD to the supermarket to stock up on food for the next 4/5 days. Then, when we finished, we walked to see some shops in our neighbourhood 'cause my DD was looking for a Xmas present for her boyfriend. We crossed another lady with a Birkin, a 30 dark brown, looked like Fjord with G/H, she stared at mine and we walked our separate ways....And that's it for today....
  14. Black Clemence Kelly went to the grocery store. She bought a turkey breast and trimmings and an apple pie. I feel she will put on a few pounds over Christmas, at this rate.

    Kat, we've been there, too. Some days MIL did not know we even visited. It's sad....I'm thinking of you.
  15. Kat, sorry to hear about your MIL.:sad: