Where did you buy your Chanel bags on sale?

  1. I have been to NM a couple times when they were having sales.. and the Chanel area had been immune from the rest of the world-- nothing on sale.. Is it because they are on sale at a different time? or I went too late? What do they have on sale? I am eyeing a diamond stitch flap-- will that be marked down ever? thanks!
  2. diamond stitch flap is pretty popular... i doubt they will ever put it on sale....
  3. Thanks! I thought so too. I have a nm card but will open up a Saks card if they offer the 10% off for first purchase.
  4. I agree Diamond Stitch won't go on sale. If you open a card now and then make your first purchase on April 26, you get 10% off and a gift card. Anything over $1000 is $150 and over $2000 is $300 gift card (max is $450).