Where did all the BLUES go?!?!

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  1. :confused1: I have noticed that a lot of the new leather purses are coming out in pinks, red, yellows, tans but I want to know where are all the blues/teals go? Why haven't they released a new teal color for the sabrina, or at least make more of them. The Sabrinas (and looks like Parkers) are all lighter colors. I know spring is around the corner but still. :cursing: I am truly a blue/teal lover but completely missed out on her. I could have bought her but I didn't know they were going to fly off the shelves and then Coach didn't offer anymore. Booo!
  2. I'm also wondering where all the teal Juliannes are and if they really all sold out?! I had my eye on it for a while but passed and got the espresso which I love but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a teal one at some point :yes: