Where can you get toys, jewelry & accessories in LA??

  1. I live near LA and went to the LeSportSac store in the Bev Center expecting to find some qees, toys and other stuff but they don't carry that. So where can I get stuff like this??
  2. There's a little video game store in the Westside Pavillion on the second floor near Nordstrom that carries some of the toys and t-shirts. They may have more. I wander by the store a lot, but have only gone in once to look.

    I saw some t-shirts at a store in Century City and I think now it was called Cusp, but no toys, just shirts and bags. You could also try Giant Robot on Sawtelle. Happy hunting!
  3. there are a couple places in LA, check the sticky thread at the top, for tokidoki vendors, Ithink I listed the locations of the stores. I think JapanLA and the lemon-something store is located in LA, there are a bunch of others too I can't think of right now... also metropark carries clothes and some jewelry
  4. Japan La has clothes and surprisingly some Macy's carry Tokidoki clothes, the Glendale one does, not all Macy's carry the clothes... For the toys around the corner from Japan La is a store that carries the toys... give them a call and they will tell you were to buy the toys near them... hope this helps.... what toys are you looking for?
  5. ooo... macy's does have tokidoki clothes :nuts: i want to go there! i've been looking but no where around here does :sad:
  6. damn! I was at the Grove and the Bev Center today and drove right past Melrose Ave. I could have totally gone to JapanLA! UGH!! Guess it'll have to wait till my next trip downtown.................I live 35 mins north and gas is now $3.35 a gallon!!! :wtf: So it may be a while!
  7. Spacytracy go to Japanla website and look at the pictures, they hae the pictures of what they have in store and they can mail them to you,they also got some Amore bags, but wont do phone orders on those...
  8. Also, Terra on 3rd Street has TONS of Tokidoki- bags, shirts etc. And they put stuff on sale all the time!!!:nuts:
  9. JapanLA all the way! :love:
  10. is it Monkey King on Melrose??
  11. There's also a store in the Cerritos Mall that carries Tokidoki stuff.
  12. do you remember the store name :confused1:
  13. I just checked their website and it's called Metropark. It's near The Gap and next to Cache.
  14. You should try the "Up Against the Wall" in the BC, I know the UPtW near me has jewelry and keychains and stuff. They also might have some old prints. Mine has a Black Camo BV for 148!!! I soooo want it.
  15. Try HappySix on Sawtelle(?). They sell bags and shirts and seem to always be getting more shipments in.