Where can you buy Authentic Chloe bags?

  1. Can anyone give me a list of reputable stores that sell Chloe bags? Online or actual stores? After seeing all your wonderful bags, I want some. I was very sad :crybaby: to read that my first and second chloe bags that I bought on eBay are total fakes. Now I dis-owned them :yucky: Thanks so much.
  2. Most of the high end department stores carry Chloe - Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales. You can view them on the online sites for Neimans, Saks and Bergdorf.

    I've discovered www.diabro.net from this great site and they have great prices as well.
  3. Thanks Starbuxxx!
  4. Aloharag.com has some medium front pocket paddies on sale. I believe they only have orange left. But at 800+ it's worth checking out:yes:
  5. You can order online from Net-A-Porter.com and Bluefly.com as well. I just my Argent Paddy from NAP and the matching wallet from Bluefly. Good luck! :smile:
  6. Ann's Fabulous Finds (annsfabulousfinds.com) is a reliable source, as well. Most of what she sells is second hand, but she is very upfront about the condition and will send you tons of pics. :heart:
  7. roz77772002 on ebay has everything authentic and will find just about anything you want!!:wlae: Totally honest, authentic, reliable seller and just about the loveliest person you will ever meet:smile: :yes: I have bought LOTS and LOTS of Chloe bags, accessories, wallets, Alexander McQueen scarves, accessories, etc., and always have been delighted with her items, service, and friendship as well!:yahoo: She carries the best brands and inspects everything before it's shipped.:yes:
  8. Are you in Jersey US, or Jersey as in a gorgeous little island off of the UK lol :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. I live in South Jersey in the US. Is there really a little island off the UK called Jersey? Or am i missing a joke?:confused1:

  10. No, there really is an island off the UK (well, nearer to France, but we don't take any notice of that :graucho:) called Jersey.

    It is one of the Channel Islands. Tax-free haven! I visit on business and stock up on duty-free fags, perfume and jewellery :yahoo:
  11. And on the next visit, a few designer handbags..........................................:drool:
  12. :graucho: Ha ha ha!
    Can just hear myself explaining to my boss: "Yes Steve, that is correct. I spent £500 on travel expenses, £200 on hotel bills, but I only managed to see one anaesthetist and one Intensive Care doctor. But, just look at these gorgeous BAGS I got tax-free!!" :yahoo:

    Sure he'll be happy with that :wtf:

    I'll get my coat...

  13. You should be careful with Bluefly, though, as there have been quite a few problems with them shipping fakes... :s
  14. Also be careful of Overstock. I got two bags and after reading some tips on authenticating Chloe bags I will be returning them. I'm still looking for my first Chloe bag too! Trying to decide on LVR, but unsure about the import tax and duty fees.

    Good luck finding your next bag Pamella72! Hope you more luck!
  15. LOLOLOL. Love it.

    After I saw what area you work in, you probably know my "special Dr", do you by any chance go to any of the UK & Ireland conferences? I am not too sure, if he is still the President, an absolute gem of a person.