where can i...

  1. I have this new obsession with Goldenbleu and i've searched everywhere for them. I'm just wondering if anyone knows where i can get them for less than retail (ie. sale??) such as Off 5th? or something like that.

    p.s. I'll be picking up my mini Parker tote tmr..i'm sooo EXCITED!! i'll post pics soon!
  2. I've seen them on sale at Revolve and Active Endeavors. You might want to check their sale sections. If you are a first-time buyer at Revolve, you can get 30% off. I think there are coupon codes for both places. They are super well made bags and very beautiful. In my opinion, they are better quality than other brands in this price range. Congratulations on your new find!
  3. There are some at fengjunk.com. You can find a coupon at Grechens Closet or Toutie online. I'm not familiar with Goldenbleu brand but the bags look gorgeous:tup:
  4. thanks! ohh i saw the Nordstrom dome..that i just bought in navy.. (this one is in white n' black) and they're sooo beautiful. I want to buy both..hahah