Where can I sell my used Chanel in Melbourne?

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  1. Hi! Just wondering if there is any trusted consignment shops or second-hand shops in Melbourne that buys Chanel? Thanks! ;)
  2. mio tesoro on toorak rd..i believe they have a website up and running also if u want to google them and check them out..
    lovemeandleaveme.com.au may also be interested in buying your goods..email them to inquire..i believe they may want to see pics of ur bag etc etc...goodluck
  3. Thanks for the info. I emailed mio tesoro already. Hopefully we can agree on something:greengrin: I need $ to fund my HG!! :pout:
  4. bahaha i hear yaa..whats ur HG?? i really need to get rid of things too sighhh...to lazy though..lol..and the thought of losing money on my beloved bags(even though they r gathering dust) pains me
  5. I agree! It totally breaks my heart to part with my bags, but that's the sacrifice I need to make if I need enough $ to buy a Jumbo Purple Classic Flap! Seeing there is none in Melbourne, I have to either get it from Chanel boutique overseas or sites like Mallaries which means shipping cost a bomb!