Where can I purchase Giorgio Armani make up?

  1. I really would really like to try out some foundation from Armani. I could go online but I'd rather go to the counter to try it on first to see which color is right for me. Please help!
  2. for a while it was sold exclusively at Saks (that's where i got mine), but they put a counter in at the largest Nordstrom in Atlanta, and i believe some Neiman Marcus stores carry it.

    i really recommend trying it in stores, i would have picked the entirely wrong color if i hadn't. now, people are surprised when i tell them that i wear makeup. it makes my skin look flawless, but not made-up.
  3. I know that some Saks carries this line.
  4. I have searched Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomies, Lord & Taylors, Sephora, Saks and a host of other stores because the Armani site says that these stores carry their product. I am absolutely annoyed. I want this dang make up.
  5. Hi, I don't know where you're located, but they have it at the Saks in San Francisco.
  6. I found it ladies. After calling 40 stores, lol. Nordstrom at the westchester in White Plains, NY has it. There were some in NYC but I'd rather go to the one closest so tomorrow I am off to find my perfect match. I really hope this is the foundation for me. I don't mind spending the money if it will make my complexion look better.
  7. NM at NorthPark Dallas carried it last time I checked. I love their concealer.
  8. iwant your chanel sunglasses lol i love them im going to call around to find some

  9. LOL, happy hunting! They were hard to find so I ebayed them from a seller I felt comfortable with. She even called me to clarify information. Great seller I would buy from her again. Those glasses rock and they fit almost any face shape.
  10. Go or call SAKS in NYC and ask for Janet! She's so great that she'll even go to other counters and you can order PURSES through her.... (and shipping is free...no tax).
    212-940-4311 or 212-940-2962

    I have ordered the Luminous Silk Foundation from her and she send SAMPLES too!
  11. Okay I went to Nordies today to try on the Armani foundation but it did not work for me. It was to sheer and I needed more coverage so the SA referred me to the MAC counter and it was there that I found my shade. I also purchased the YSL lip twins gloss (loooooove it), NARS blush in crazed and some dior lip gloss. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I love this forum.