Where can I get reissue dark silver 226 from NM or Saks rather than chanel boutiques?

  1. Hi, girls

    today I searched some department stores such as Saks, NM, BG to find the reissue dark silver 226.
    However, it seems they do not carry it.
    It seems NM only carries 227 dark silver(not 226)
    Saks seems not to have any reissue(am I correct?)
    and BG also seems not to carry 226 size...
    Then should I get it only from chanel boutique?
    As you know, if I can get it from Saks or NM, I can get it without tax by shipping it to another state, so if possible, I love to use the department store(again, anothr word, I like to save tax money.)...but it seems not possible.
    Am I correct or can I get dark silver 226 in any department stores especially in SAks?
    Please please let me know....
    Thank you so much!
  2. I may have misunderstood but I thought the SA, Marilyn Chong at NM at Tyson's Corner, VA said they got a few and sold out and more are coming. If you want her email and/or phone no., let me know.