where can i get mulberry in toronto?

  1. i want a bayswater sooo bad! but i don't know where i can get it, and i dont want to buy from eBay because mulberry is the one brand that i am not good at spotting fakes. help fellow mulberry lovers!
  2. I hope it is help.
    Sorry, wrong post. Excuse me.
  3. Darling,no idea of where you can buy Mulberry in Canada.
    I think you should try to buy a Bayswater from NAP or Mulberry online store. I recomend you "Mulberry.com" because the shipping costs are cheaper.
    I hope it helps you :heart:
  4. thankyou :smile:
  5. Perhaps you could email mulberry.com and ask them what retailers they have in Canada?
  6. hi, thanks for your reply, i went to their site and followed the "shop" link, and they didnt have canada listed in it, so i'm assuming that they don't have a distributor in canada at all...maybe i'll ask my friend from the states to get one for me...or just get one from mulberry.com~~ :idea: