Where can I get a Violet SGH coin purse???

  1. I am looking everywhere - does anyone know where I can get a Violet coin purse with Silver Giant Hardware? And how much do they cost - I didn't see a price for the coin in the reference guide.
  2. the giant hardware CP costs $345 before tax.
    i've been looking too but can't find any and ended up getting a EB CP....good luck.
  3. does anyone know if aloha rag sells accessories for bbags like the coinpurses?
  4. Where did you end up getting the EB coin? I am on the wait list for that and the make up case at BALNY. And I emailed Aloha Rag and they have the Money wallets, but haven't heard back on the coin yet.
  5. AR tells me that there's no coin purses at all, for all colors. AR didn't bring in any at all.
  6. If you are willing to pay more than USD RRP, I know Cultstatus has the CPs in the new colour..:smile: