where can i get a pink cambon reporter.

  1. do you think that i can still get a pink cambon reporter with black cc's.
  2. anybody
  3. You should probably call your local Chanel store to see if you can get ahold of one. I remember hearing that the beige/black and pink/black are pretty hard to come by anymore. Or you can always check eBay, then post links to some you may be interested in on the authentication thread here :yes:
  4. check eBay...or do a search on the new cotton club reporter...it is TDF
  5. you gotta give more than 9 minutes Hon. . . it's dinnertime and kids' bedtime for a lot of us!
  6. Rebecca is so helpful. :smile:

    Yah, try calling the store and have them do the leg work for you.
  7. ok thanks everybody