Where can I get a medium luxury line bowler?

  1. In black? I tried the UK Chanel boutiques and harrods but none had any :sad:. I was wondering are they still available in the US? Also how much are they? TIA.:smile:
  2. I have one on ebay right now that is brand new . My boyfriend bought me the flap ffrom the same line and when I said I wanted to return his .. he got very upset so I am selling this one , so my sweet SA who always helps me and went through you know what to get this for me .. doesnt lose her commision. I believe they are sold out here as well. Ebay may be your best bet . Good Luck :smile: It is a beauty
  3. ^So knowhere has it in the US..do you know how much it costs in the US?
  4. Some Saks might still have it. I mentioned in another thread that the Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA had a metallic black one when I was there a week or two ago. It retails for $2,160 US dollars.
  5. ^Thanx for the help :smile: