Where can i get a groom Bandeau now?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    i will be getting one or 2 new bags soon and am really a little desperate about getting a groom Bandeau :drool::drool:
    does anyone know how much it used to retail for and where i can get it from?

    any help much appreciated!!!

  2. You can try Ebay and Let-trade, they pop up on both sites from time to time. Also you can call 866 to get the retail price. Good luck finding one, they are such a cute piece!
  3. tyr those mentioned..good luck:wlae:
  4. Thank you!! i am going to check out both the websites now! =)
  5. ebay has a bunch!
  6. I like them too. I called 866 2 weeks ago and they said they have none. I hope I could find somethiing in the groom line in Paris in May.