Where can I find these Tod's bags in Europe?

  1. I've always been a Tod's fan and am wondering why there's no dedicated Tod's forum.

    Recently I come across two Tod's bags which are really my "must have" bags: silver quilted restyled D-Bag (small size) and black patent leather besonville Piccola (this one is on eluxury, but I live in Europe, can't buy from them).

    Do anyone here know where in Europe I can get them? Thanks a million!:heart:
  2. do you mean online? seeing as Tod's are from Italy I would expect you should get them in shops for sure - here in germany they have them in high end department stores and specialised boutiques. where in Europe are you?


    this may help - you could always call a store near you and ask if they sell over the phone?
  3. Hi Lara, thanks for your advice. Both of the Tod's bags seem to be limited edition, therefore it's very hard to find them. I now live in Switzerland, I've been to the Tod's boutique in Zuerich and have called the Geneve store as well. I have also tried to search for them in all Paris stores, but without any luck. Therefore I would like to use the powerful network tPF has to try to locate it in any nearby European boutiques such as those in Germany or in Italy, etc.

  4. Hi! I live in the Netherlands and there is a Tod's in Amsterdam! Mayby you can try this boutique?
  5. The one in London is pretty good too - it's in Sloane Street and there's a concession in Selfridges that is always super helpful.
  6. I can tell you for the places here in south of germany:
    try breuninger stuttgart 0049 711 211 0 ask for the premium section they have a good selection of TOds. (I don't know which ones they have but I have seen quite a few bags)

    then there is a tods boutique in Munich which I believe is listed on the offical Tods website

    I am not sure whether any of these are actually arranging for deliveries?

    that aside - there are mail forwarding services that work with places like eluxury etc but of course you pay a fee and possibly customs on top of that so it may not be really worht it.

    other suggestion: how about going on a trip to Milano? it isn't that far and they definitely have all the tods selection! I would call them beforehand to make sure they have what you want and even hold it for you? really it shouldn't take you more than 3 to 4 hours from Zurich.
  7. There is also a Tods with a small Hogan section at Bicester Village.
  8. Dear all, thank you all so much for your advice and suggestions. I have tried to contact their stores in Italy (Milan, Rome) and France again, however, I was informed by all that the silver one was sold out :crybaby:Since it's summer collection, they won't even have it no more. I'll try to call other stores in UK or in Germany as well, however, chances are really little now...
  9. oh sorry to hear that..... hope you can still find one. or check out their new collection - maybe there is one there that you like???
  10. Hi Lara, thanks for the comfort. By now I have called their stores in London and in Germany and today I even called their stores in China/HK as they have real big flagship stores there. However, either they have not ordered this color or it's sold out. I will try to call their company tomorrow to ask if there's any chance to get it in their stock, which I doubt very much. However, my mind won't be at peace until I've tried all means. It's really terrible to see how women can be crazy about a handbag;)

    Regarding their Autumn Winter collection, I've set my eyes on their patent leather Besonville bag in black, it's high on my wishlist now...
  11. I don't know if this helps. But the black patent besonville piccola is in Singapore. There are about 3 pieces left. Maybe you can try calling their store at the Paragon. +65 6738 3323