Where can I find these MbyMJ wallets?

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the Marc by Marc Jacobs wallets that are glossy with an embossed MJ in the middle and hearts all around. I've seen it in red, purple and black. I think it is made of PVC and has a silver zipper. Is this style still being sold in the MbyMJ stores? Thanks!
  2. yeah, the mbmj boutiques should have them. there's a store devoted to special items here in nyc, which is what this wallet is considered. they charge a flat rate shipping fee of $20 for phone orders though, so you'd have to order a lot to get your money's worth. i hope you find it.

    here's a link to the rest of the special items in case you go with the charge send option:

  3. Thanks tadpolenyc!