Where can I find these Coach boots?

  1. I'm usually at the Marc Jacobs forum but I recently fell for these boots from Coach and yes I know I'm late for this but is there anyway I can find these boots? What is the style name? Also, would anyone know the retail price for it? TIA! :heart:

  2. ^^ Have you checked the Coach stores? I'm probably stating the obvious, but they are having a sale so you might want to go in to one of the bigger Coach boutiques. Also, once you find out the name/style, try calling around to different Factory stores. Lastly, I noticed Nordstroms was having a sale on women's boots. I don't remember seeing this style but I did see some other Ugg type rain boots with the Coach Signature print, so it's quite possible they have the ones you're looking for. Sorry if this doesnt get you anywhere but I hope you finally find them!
  3. OOH also check Nordstrom Rack. I swear I saw these there 1 or 2 months ago. good luck! :tup:
  4. ^ Thanks for the suggestions Coach Superfan. I just called up the Coach store here and I was told that they're sold out and Coach no longer carries them. The SA I spoke to said I should probably try DSW in a month or two. And I just called a few Nordstrom Racks in my area and no such luck either. :cry:
  5. ^ Awww, well it sounds like you found out the style name. Good luck with your hunt!
  6. These are the Weslyns! I forgot about checking DSW! I wanted these boots too and am kicking myself for not grabbing them a few months ago. Check eBay too, although the prices will most likely be jacked up.
  7. ^ Thanks, ellacoach. I just found a pair on Ebay in size 11 and yes, absolutely jacked up price. But it's okay. They're not my size either. Do let me know if you find them in your local DSW or any DSW for that matter! :biggrin: