Where can I find these Bow Slingbacks?

  1. Hello ladies,

    I am trying to find these slingbacks with the bow detail featured below. I continuously see the mules but prefer the slingback version. Any sightings yet? Thanks in advance.
    Bow slingback.jpg
  2. Dior - I'm pretty sure the joli slingback is available at Barneys, I recall seeing them at a department store, and believe it was at Barneys. Also, I believe that the CL Horatio St. boutique will be receiving them. That shoe is so girly, I love it!
  3. The slingback version is available at Barneys. I know for sure NYC and Dallas have them!
  4. The fuchsia satin is definitely available right now. I'm not sure of the yellow as I didn't see it in my photo album, but just call Barneys and they will be able to tell you. Retail price is $625 vs. $550 on the mule. Hope that helps!
  5. Wow, ashakes and Kamilla850, you all are true CL experts! :smile: Thank you so very much for the speedy responses and all of the info to boot. I am now equipped with everything I need to call Barney's with confidence. I agree that the shoe is very girlythink the shoe is so girl so I'm going to purchase them even though I am worried about the satin and how to maintain it.

    Thanks again, ladies!
  6. Here is the yellow too. Barneys NYC definitely has them both in pink and yellow. However, I'm not sure about size availability.

    No problem. They are too cute! I almost purchased them a few weeks ago, but I couldn't decide since they were satin. Post photos when you get them!
    CL yellow joli.jpg
  7. Thank you again, ashakes. I was debating between the slingback and the patent d'orsay pump that's on Saks.com, but I much prefer the slingback version even though I like the idea of patent better than satin. I will definitely post pics of them when I get them. I have to get a new USB cable for my camera. I still have to post pics of my gold Foxtrots I got months ago!
  8. i love it too and am eyeing on them but would probably only get them on sale. those arcs are probably gonna kill me! i have a feeling they might feel similar to the decolletes because of the arc!
  9. They are so cute. I love the yellow.
  10. I love the pink one but not sure about the part where the sling is connected to the shoe. It looks like the liner might come off at any moment or something like that.
  11. That is so pretty! I too am iffy about the sling being glued under the liner. It would be a perfect shoe for me if it was patent.
  12. Yellow is HOT for spring. It is EVERYWHERE!!!
  13. wow these are super cute in yellow!!!
  14. Saw them in yellow, fushia and I believe blue satin at barney's
  15. I did not notice this about the sling until now. That is cause for concern- it doesn't look very secure, does it? I too wish this shoe came in patent.