where can i find the Tri-color Cheri?

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  1. now that ive seen the cheri IRL pics, i know i want one! but i dont like the stingray as much...but i cant find the tri color one anywhere! am i mistaken? is it only available in the french tote design?

    the french tote just doesnt look as comfy with the short handle drop (can it fit over a coat?) and a bit too big, but maybe someone can prove me wrong :smile:
  2. I think you can preorder the tri-color cheri from Lunaboston. If I remember correctly it was one of the options they mentioned when I was preordering my French Tote. And, yes, actually, the FT has a pretty good shoulder drop. It will certainly make it over lighter coats, maybe not thick coats depending on how thick. It is a bigger bag, but because it's thin it doesn't overwhelm. I'm really short and I still like it on me. Since it's long and thin it actually makes me look taller!
  3. I have the French Tote and the handles fit easily on my shoulder, but I've not tried it with a jacket or coat. I do have large arms though so on a smaller person they would probably fit over a coat - i'm 5'5" and the size is fine -it's a flat bag so its not overwhelming at all and it holds a lot and looks good - I love it - it's a fab bag!
  4. Both the french tote and cheri are up on RM .com!
  5. Does anyone know where to get the tri-color? LB is sold out and it's not on RM.com. Did I miss my chance? I didn't think the bag was THAT popular.
  6. ^^Hey daniela! You haven't missed it yet. RM.com took it off the site because apparently they weren't ready with production yet. I was told they'd be back on the site soon!
  7. thanks desi! that's a relief. this bag has become my new obsession
  8. Email Amy at threesirens and she could get one for you. Shipping is free.