where can i find classic flap on sale?

  1. or maybe below retail price?
    somebody help me........
  2. I don't think the classic flap ever goes on sale. The only place you may be able to get one below retail is on Ebay, but beware of the MANY fakes.
  3. do you think chanel outlet in woodbuy sells them?
  4. those classic flap on sale are tweed or canvas.
  5. Woodbury would NEVER have a leather classic and they never go on sale at Chanel either. Only classic that goes on sale is non leather ones.
  6. ^ That's correct. The classic flap's the usually go on sale are from the cruise lines (e.g. tweed and fabric). Leather (caviar & lambskin) is NEVER on sale.
  7. thanks guys.....
    i will just go to Saks then.
  8. Actually I have seen the pink classic flap on sale at Chanel in Seattle Nordstrom. They were originally at about $1700 and for sale at approx $1100. The price is very attractive but I passed on it because I am not a pink gal.