Where can I find CL patent nude yoyo's?

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  1. Hello all!
    I am interested in purchasing CL patent nude yoyo's.
    Anyone know where I can find them other than eBay? I live in Toronto canada!
  2. I got mine from Saks in NYC on thursday. I doubt there are anymore left after the signing, but its worth a call.
  3. I recently ordered mine from Saks Boca-I think they had just gotten a shipment in......
  4. just got back from Saks in beverly hills and they had the nude yoyos.they were beautiful ;)
  5. OMG you guys are great!
    Wish me luck! These will be my first CL's....
    I am in serious trouble now! I thought I just had a bag fetish...
  6. btw what do they retail for?
  7. They retail for around $560.......which compared to the others is not bad at all.
  8. I got my in Vegas when I was there. I called them before I arrived so they were waiting for me when I got there.

  9. Did you get them from the CL store or Neiman's or Barney's? I am going there this week and would like to call ahead and do the same thing that you did!

  10. I bought my first 110 pair via ebay for a crazy amount. Now at Saks they were $607 incl.tax (+ approx. $50 for shipping) for the 110. (They will be no longer made with the straight heel so it was worth it)
    Now I payed 395 euros at the CL store which is about $575 for the 85 curved heel ones.

    I think CL Paris still has some but not shure.
  11. What is the difference with curved and straight heel?
    Can someone show us a pic?

  12. First pics 85 curved, next 110 straight.....


    P1010261.jpg P1010039bis.jpg
  13. I think mine were $570 for 110 inch heel; they should be arriving in the next day or so....
  14. OOohhhh! I'm loving the 110mm heels as well! Anybody from Singapore know how much it retails here?
  15. I think in Canada you have to call Holt Renfrew, although I think saks ships internationally now ...